Pediatric Heart Network Public Use Datasets Broaden Research Opportunities

There is no question we are all familiar with the word data these days. We interact with data in just about every aspect of our lives – we provide it, we use it, we create it. For researchers, it is the cornerstone of what we do. We’re always seeking data to answer new questions, solve […]

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Echo Z-Scores

Are you interested in calculating echo z-scores from the PHN models? Z-scores for common pediatric echo measurements based on BSA are available in an online Z-score calculator. The PHN ECHO Z Study found that age, sex, and race do not have a clinically significant effect on these echo measurements once BSA is accounted for. Learn […]

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SVR Extension Newsletter

The Pediatric Heart Network’s SVR Extension Trial publishes a regular newsletter for study participants highlighting research activities and other PHN news. This issue of the SVR Extension Newsletter includes some exciting findings from the PHN’s FUEL trial, as well as a brief summary of some new work related to leg strength for patients who have […]

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