Here are answers to some commonly asked questions for providers and researchers interested in learning more about the Pediatric Heart Network.

Public use datasets are currently available for the following studies: Collaborative Learning, Fontan, Infant Single Ventricle (ISV), Kawasaki Disease, Marfan, Single Ventricle Reconstruction (SVR), and Ventricular Volume Variability. To access the PHN public use datasets, visit our Datasets page and sign up for a free account.
There are currently two options for calculating the Z-scores for common echo measurements using the PHN models: (1) with an online Z-score calculator; or (2) with a table listing the exponential power to be used with body surface area (BSA), the mean value of the indexed measurement, and the standard deviation (SD) of the indexed measurement. Visit the Echo Z-Scores page to learn more.
The Pediatric Heart Network (PHN) is a consortium of leading hospitals across the United States, Canada, and other countries that conducts research in children and families living with congenital heart disease, adults living with congenital heart disease, and children affected by acquired heart disease.