Datasets for
Single Ventricle Reconstruction (SVR)

Form Description Annotated Form Proc Contents SAS Datasets CSV Datasets
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R100 Eligibility Screening Form R100 Data Manual _R100 _R100 _R100
R101 Consent Verification R101 Data Manual _R101 _R101 _R101
R102 Pre-Norwood Medical History R102 Data Manual _R102 _R102 _R102
R103 Norwood Hospitalization R103 Data Manual _R103 _R103 _R103
R104 Stage II Hospitalization R104 Data Manual _R104 _R104 _R104
R105 Post-Stage II Medical History R105 Data Manual _R105 _R105 _R105
R106 Clinical Genetics Evaluation R106 Data Manual _R106 _R106 _R106
R107 Cardiac Catheterization (Local Msmts.) R107 Data Manual _R107 _R107 _R107
R108 Primary Outcome R108 Data Manual _R108 _R108 _R108
R109 Observation Patient Medical History R109 Data Manual _R109 _R109 _R109
R112 Growth Measures after Transplant R112 Data Manual _R112 _R112 _R112
R113 Functional Status II (R) R113 Data Manual _R113 _R113 _R113
R114 Bayley Scoring Summary R114 Data Manual _R114 _R114 _R114
R116 Hollingshead Four Factor Index of Social Status (Interview) R116 Data Manual _R116 _R116 _R116
R118 Schedule Stage II Surgery R118 Data Manual _R118 _R118 _R118
R144 Socioeconomic Status R144 Data Manual _R144 _R144 _R144
R188 End of Trial Contact R188 Data Manual _R188 _R188 _R188
R202 Permanent Withdrawal from Trial R202 Data Manual _R202 _R202 _R202
R206 Between Visit Complications R206 Data Manual _R206 _R206 _R206
R300 Clinical Assessment at Time of Echocardiography R300 Data Manual _R300 _R300 _R300
R301 Echocardiography Core Lab - 2D R301 Data Manual _R301 _R301 _R301
R302 Echocardiography Core Lab - 3D R302 Data Manual _R302 _R302 _R302
R330 Apo E Specimen Shipping R330 Data Manual _R330 _R330 _R330
R331 Apo E Core Laboratory Results R331 Data Manual _R331 _R331 _R331
R340 Angiography Core Laboratory Results R340 Data Manual _R340 _R340 _R340
R800 Supplemental Data Form R800 Data Manual _R800 _R800 _R800
R801 Cause Of Death R801 Data Manual _R801 _R801 _R801
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Code Lists
1 D: Medications (1) CodeListD(Meds)_VerC_01.03.07
2 F: Cardiac Cath Interventions (2) CodeListF(Cath)_VerE_06.23.05
3 I: Associated Anatomic Diagnoses (3) 06.12.06CodeList_I_(ADx_)_VerB_SVR
4 L: Abnormalities (4) 02.10.06CodeList_L
5 M: Complications (5) CodeList_M_Comp_VerD_1_22_07
6 O: Anatomic Diagnoses for HLHS and Single RV (6) CodeList_O_Dx_VerA_09_10_07_SVR
7 COD: Adjudicated Cause of Death (7) Cause_Of_Death_Code_List