Datasets for
Infant Single Ventricle (ISV)

Form Description Annotated Form Proc Contents SAS Datasets CSV Datasets
S100 ISV Eligibility Screening Form (S100) S100 Data Manual S100 S100 S100
S101 ISV Baseline Characteristics (S101) S101 Data Manual S101 S101 S101
S102 ISV Neonatal Hospitalization (S102) S102 Data Manual S102 S102 S102
S103 ISV Initial Drug Dosage (S103) S103 Data Manual S103 S103 S103
S104 ISV Dose Adjustment Form (S104) S104 Data Manual S104 S104 S104
S105 ISV Safety Laboratories (S105) S105 Data Manual S105 S105 S105
S106 ISV Follow-up Study Visit (S106) S106 Data Manual S106 S106 S106
S107 ISV Cardiac Catheterization Form (S107) S107 Data Manual S107 S107 S107
S108 ISV Glenn Shunt Surgery Form (S108) S108 Data Manual S108 S108 S108
S109 ISV Ross Heart Failure Classification (S109) S109 Data Manual S109 S109 S109
S111 ISV Pharmacy Dispensing Log (S111) S111 Data Manual S111 S111 S111
S112 ISV Study Drug Restart Form (S112) S112 Data Manual S112 S112 S112
S113 Functional Status II (S113) S113 Data Manual S113 S113 S113
S114 Bayley Scales (BSID-II) (S114) S114 Data Manual S114 S114 S114
S115 MacArthur Receipt (S115) S115 Data Manual S115 S115 S115
S116 ISV Prescription History Log (S116) S116 Data Manual S116 S116 S116
S117 ISV Study Drug Temporary Stop Form (S117) S117 Data Manual S117 S117 S117
S118 ISV Schedule Glenn Surgery (S118) S118 Data Manual S118 S118 S118
S119 ISV Heart Transplant (S119) S119 Data Manual S119 S119 S119
S120 ISV Palliative Surgery Hospitalization (S120) S120 Data Manual S120 S120 S120
S125 ISV Randomization Form (S125) S125 Data Manual S125 S125 S125
S200 ISV Adverse Event Form (S200) S200 Data Manual S200 S200 S200
S203 ISV Permanent Discontinuation of Study Drug (S203) S203 Data Manual S203 S203 S203
S204 ISV Permanent Withdrawal from Trial (S204) S204 Data Manual S204 S204 S204
S205 ISV AE Adjudication Form (S205) S205 Data Manual S205 S205 S205
S300 ISV Clinical Assessment at Echocardiography (S300) S300 Data Manual S300 S300 S300
S301 ISV Local Echocardiography Form (S301) S301 Data Manual S301 S301 S301
S302 ISV Echochardiography Results (S302) S302 Data Manual S302 S302 S302
S320 ISV BNP Specimen Form (S320) S320 Data Manual S320 S320 S320
S321 ISV BNP Result Form (S321) S321 Data Manual S321 S321 S321
S330 ISV Genotyping Specimen Shipping Form (S330) S330 Data Manual S330 S330 S330
S331 ISV Genotyping Results Form (S331) S331 Data Manual S331 S331 S331
S500 ISV QC Measurements Form (S500) S500 Data Manual S500 S500 S500
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Code Lists
1 A: Single Ventricle Anatomic Diagnoses (1) ISV_CodeListA(Dx)_VerC_06.12.03
2 B: Single Ventricle Surgical Interventions and Procedures (2) ISV_CodeListB(Surg)_VerG_2012-0618
3 C: Complications (3) ISV_CodeListC(Comp)_VerC_09.15.05
4 D: Medications (4) ISV_CodeListD(Meds)_VerF_02.10.11
5 F: Cardiac Cath Interventions (5) ISV_CodeListF(Cath)_VerG_08.04.10
6 I: Associated Anatomic Diagnoses (6) ISV_CodeListI(ADx)_VerA_11.19.03ISV